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Anonymous asked:
"Hey! I was the one asking about the shirt! I finally met them yesterday at warped and it was the best time of my life! I never realized how small Rob was! Theyre so nice and definatly will always be my favorite band! She loved the lion king tank too!"

glad you have a good time :) :) <3 yeah he’s tiny. i actually feel like a normal size around him haha

Anonymous asked:
"I checked the FAQ, but it doesn't say what Tay's mom's name is. Do either of you girls know?"

her mom’s name is robin i believe

Anonymous asked:
"I keep hearing in old interviews about a music video for the song Lights Out, but I can't find it anywhere. Do you guys know where it is?"

it’s somewhere but idk where to find it lmao and its not the full video i don’t think it’s just in a commercial i’m p sure


@wearetheincrowd: 2nd place, at least we lost last! Next year we take the GK Cup back for America. #therearenofriendsindodgeball&#160;:@joebradyphoto


@wearetheincrowd2nd place, at least we lost last! Next year we take the GK Cup back for America. #therearenofriendsindodgeball :@joebradyphoto


We Are The In Crowd before their set at Jones Beach on Long Island

make me choose | statiic-in-my-head

oh wow I haven’t been on here in like a month
heyyyyyyy 😳

Anonymous asked:
"Im going to meet WATIC soon & I have a lion king tank that i want to give Tay. Im very close to Tay's height (like 1.5 inches shorter) and i wanted to know if i got the shirt a little big if you think it would fit Tay? Love this page btw c: 💙"

i mean probably! maybe even the same size.



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Anonymous asked:
"Why are you offline for so long? One of my fav blogs :)"

i started this blog about three years ago when i was 14, i’m 17 now. i work full time and when i’m not working i’m hanging out with friends or sleeping. alexa’s also pretty busy with school and her friends and boyfriend and family… we both have a lot more important things going on now i guess. it just reached a point when this blog became more of a chore than anything else for both of us.

i’m sorry.

thanks, love.


Anonymous asked:
"Do you know where I could get Tay's sunglasses? I really like them but idk the brand"

idk what brand hers are but the vans website has a pair just like them for like 13 bucks lol i have a pair and they’re a+ 

i wouldn’t be surprised if its the same pair she has

Anonymous asked:
"Do you think if I asked Tay at warped if she could write out a tattoo for me she would?"

i’m sure she would try her best

during a signing she might not have time or be allowed to though